The Culture

We’re proud of our strong Health & Safety culture, developed through our We Keep Each Other Safe initiative. 

As we build on our position as Australia’s largest oil and gas company, we rely on a diverse group of people who all bring their unique skills and talent.  We’re committed to providing the opportunities for our employees to reach their potential.  After all, only by helping you achieve your potential will we be able to fulfill ours.

Join the Woodside Team

Now, more than ever, the world values our resources. At Woodside, we know it’s our people who make everything possible.  As such, we’re committed to helping every employee reach their career potential through our structured development program.  We believe that to remain a highly regarded and successful company, we must work together to deliver great results, while ensuring each individual feels valued and grows with us.

Our core values are what we live by every day. We call this set of values The Woodside Compass and it guides us on our journey.

Delivering higher shareholder returns depends on our ability to attract and retain a talented, engaged, diverse and high performing workforce.

We are developing an inclusive workplace culture that promotes diversity including diversity in gender, race and geographic location as key contributors to our success.

Through our ongoing commitment to diversity we provide an annual report to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA). The report details workplace profile in line with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012. Click here to view Woodside's 2018/2019 WGEA report.

LGBTI Inclusion

Woodside recognises the value of diversity as an employer advantage and strives to create a working environment where everyone feels free to bring their full selves to work every day. In support of this objective, we established a community group named Spectrum: a group for LGBTI+ colleagues and allies at Woodside. Spectrum's vision is to create a working environment in which people feel comfortable and supported in bringing their full selves to work every day without fear of discrimination or professional disadvantage, regardless of their sexuality, gender identity and gender expression, intersex status or relationship status.

Although it was only formed in 2016, Spectrum has already made great strides toward building better awareness, creating peer support systems, and providing an LGBTI+ perspective to support key decisions at Woodside. Spectrum membership is open to all Woodside staff and the community enjoys full support from Woodside's senior management team.