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Title Location Department
Geophysicist MX Geology, Geophysics and Geomatics
MX Geology, Geophysics and Geomatics
Operations Readiness Project Lead
Operations Readiness Project Lead US Engineering (All disciplines Inc. Drilling, Comple
US Engineering (All disciplines Inc. Drilling, Comple
Process Engineer - Dakar
Process Engineer - Dakar SN Engineering (All disciplines Inc. Drilling, Comple
SN Engineering (All disciplines Inc. Drilling, Comple
Operations Superintendent - Dakar
Operations Superintendent - Dakar SN Operations (Inc. Maintenance, Logistics, Marine an
SN Operations (Inc. Maintenance, Logistics, Marine an
Marketing and Trading Analyst
Marketing and Trading Analyst AU Trading and Shipping
AU Trading and Shipping
Security & Emergency Management Advisor (Mexico)
Security & Emergency Management Advisor (Mexico) Mexico City (3200), MX Legal, Risk, Compliance, Security and Emergency Ma
Mexico City (3200), MX Legal, Risk, Compliance, Security and Emergency Ma


Fraudulent Offer Scams

Fraudulent emails and fake websites

Like many organisations, Woodside Energy is seeing an increase in emails and websites falsely claiming to represent Woodside Energy.

Woodside Energy continues to take steps to limit the impact of these scams. At the same time, we urge you to be cautious and protect yourself by ensuring the websites you visit and the emails you receive are genuine.

If you receive communication that you believe is fraudulent or have suffered a personal loss from a recruitment scam, please contact your local law enforcement.

Fraudulent emails / employment scams

Offers of employment have been mailed to job seekers by individuals or organisations posing as Woodside Energy. Recipients are being asked to provide documents containing personally identifiable information such as passports and qualifications or to pay a fee to secure interviews or employment.

These fraudulent emails do not originate from Woodside Energy. They are recruitment scams designed to extort money and/or personal information.

Clues that can help you determine if your job offer could be a scam:

  • Did you apply for a job at Woodside Energy through our careers website Woodside Energy does not make unsolicited job offers, especially via email or social media channels.
  • Are you being asked to pay processing fees, travel fees, immigration fees, or make a payment of any other kind? Woodside Energy never seeks payment from job applicants.
  • Even when Woodside Energy has engaged a staffing agency to help identify candidates for positions, these third parties will never request payment from job seekers on behalf of Woodside Energy.
  • Does the email come from a email address? Even if the email address contains the word "Woodside" it still may not be from Woodside Energy. Examples of recent fraudulent email addresses include:

Fake websites

Woodside Energy alerts website or social media users to be aware of fake websites or accounts posing as Woodside Energy.

Fake websites or social media accounts often mimic a company’s genuine website, incorporating their name and logo. Their aim is to entice users to submit personal information or undertake some other activity (including providing money) in the expectation they will be offered employment or receive some other benefit.

Woodside Energy’s official websites and social media channels are: 

Any website claiming to be Woodside Energy which uses a different domain name is not genuine.

Further information on scams is available from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website