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Woodside is an Australian oil and gas company with a global presence, recognized for its world-class capabilities – as an explorer, a developer, a producer and a supplier.

We are Australia’s most experienced LNG operator and largest independent oil and gas company.

We offer wide ranging career opportunities and development for everyone from university graduates to leaders in their fields. We work together to deliver great results.

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Phoney websites/employment scams

Woodside alerts website users to be aware of phoney websites and accompanying internet “scams” such as “phishing” and other techniques designed to trick people into giving out their personal information.

Fake websites often mimic a company’s genuine website, incorporating their name and logo. Their aim is to entice users to log onto the site and submit personal information or undertake some other activity (including providing money) in the expectation they will be offered employment or receive some other benefit.

Woodside is working with authorities to limit the impact of these scams on Woodside. In the meantime, the company urges people to ensure the websites they visit and the emails they receive are genuine.

Please keep in mind that Woodside’s official website and social media channels are: 

The recruitment site is​areers. Any website claiming to be Woodside’s which uses a different domain name is not genuine. If you receive any such request, please contact your local police authority.

Further information on internet scams is available from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website